Whether you’re new to Limerick or a lifelong resident, there’s something for everyone here in Limerick, Maine.

Be sure to visit the History of Limerick section where the rich history of Limerick, Maine will be unveiled. If you haven’t visited our recently remodeled Limerick Public Library in person lately, be sure to visit it here on the web and sneak a peek at our new look!

Keep up to date on current events around Limerick, Maine via the Public Notice section. Whether you’re looking to check on the status of the Washington Street road rebuild project, keep up to date on Lake Arrowhead developments, learn the outcome of elections and appointments, or see when various committees are meeting, this is the place to visit. There is a lot going on in Limerick, Maine!

You can learn how town government operates in Limerick, Maine and how Limerick’s Sanitation/Recycling Facility functions, as well as how to access resources like churches, schools and businesses in Limerick, Maine.

Limerick folks will welcome you with hospitality and be delighted to help you enjoy your visit to Limerick, Maine!